Monday, December 27, 2010

The Aftermath

supplied the prompt


The pomp and circumstance have gone,
The dignitaries departed,
And we are left just pondering
On the way the evening started.
The titivation of the street,
The carpet, red, unrolling,
The crowds all braying as of one,
The praising and extolling.
The special guests, dressed to the nines,
The primping and the passion,
The tossing back of blonded hair,
The fawning and the fashion!
But now it's dawn, the night has gone,
And we are left to ponder
On trumpets that played not one note
And bounty made to squander!


I love to watch the overflow that streams out of the pool.
To keep the sea enclosed like that seems verging on the cruel!
When gross or giddy people have used it for their pleasure
The freedom of the open sea is something it must treasure.
I almost hear the separate drops saying to each other
'School's out! So come on boys! We're going home to Mother!'

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eyeography said...

a very nice post again..
The second picture is very beautiful :)