Friday, December 10, 2010




How this title intrigued me!
The subject Fascinating!
Crop Circles! What a mystery!
Subject of much debating!
I can't believe they are messages
Sent down from Outer Space!
Why should any Alien
Contact the human race
In such a peculiar manner?
Their technology must be advanced
So why write cryptic messages
So beautifully enhanced?
If they can get from 'There' to here,
They can zap us straight away!
No need to play little mind-games,
Even though they're fun to play.
But........ I can't believe there are people
Working at dead of night
Slaving away with ropes and boards
Determined to get things right!
Some of the botched and simple ones
May, indeed, be crafty tricks,
Since it's been proved that circle effects
Can easily be fixed.
But some of the more elaborate ones,
Are absolute works of art!
In silence? In the darkness?
They wouldn't know where to start!
For the circle designs are glorious!
Geometric perfection,
With copies of lines and curves and loops,
Flowing in each direction!
And why hasn't someone made a claim
To have managed the great feat?
I'd be happy to say I'd done it!
I'd be the proudest cheat!
Both answers are impossible!
I really feel frustrated!
How, oh how, please tell me how
Crop Circles are created!
As to the title of this book,
Which really caught my eye,
To what does the 'Etiquette' allude?
What does it imply?
'How to greet an Alien'?
Or 'How to Do This Trick'?
You'd be quite wrong with both answers!
The right one's hard to pick!
It's 'How to Visit a Circle
And Still Leave It Intact!'
It's a book for Circle Tourists!
Much more matter-of-fact!
Amateur?  Or Alien?
Which one have you picked?
I think they're fascinating.
I don't mind being tricked!

(An Acrostic)

Deep in the forest something falls!
Echoes ring loud and clear!
Ferns are broken! A wild bird calls!
Other birds pause to hear.
Reckless mankind is on the prowl!
'Enough!' we should cry, en masse.
Silence follows ..... a silent howl.
To think we can be so crass!
Another crash! Another cry!
The trees fall one by one
Is that a vulture in the sky
Ogling the harm we've done?
Nature has done the growing,
Humans have hacked trees down!
Soon all that will be showing
Is the dead earth, wrenched and brown.

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maryt/theteach said...

Brenda, This is an hysterical title! Great book cover! Thanks for playing! :)