Friday, December 17, 2010

Tea By the Lake


The idea is to use 160 characters only, including spaces.


The inside out; the outside in.
Calm water, versus sociable din.
Grey skies, grey lake, wild cries of birds;
Tea-spoon clatter and frivolous words.


We're all of us marionettes,
Pulled this way and that by the strings,
We think that we're free but we're not,
We're a jumble of intricate springs.
From the moment we're born we enroll
In classes called 'How to behave'.
Free spirits we may try to be
But each one is a virtual slave.
The language we speak isn't ours,
It's the language made up by 'the others',
The ancestors down through the years,
All posing as Fathers and Mothers.
The beliefs we proclaim aren't our own;
They haven't just grown in our heads.
And when we stride out feeling strong
We're treading where everyone treads.
The songs that we sing aren't our own.
We're programmed to like what we must.
And any original thought
Leaves us guiltily vague and nonplussed.
If no-one has thought 'that' before
Then surely the thought must be dumb!
For it's only through 'clever one's' thoughts
That anything special can come.
So relax! Just get up on your toes
And dance your absurd pirouette!
Just 'go with the flow.' Keep in mind
You're only a Marionette.

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eyeography said...

Wow...such beautiful poems...
I am very inspired by your poetry...