Monday, December 27, 2010

My Lips Are Sealed!



Well, Little Petal! How are you?
Bet you've heard a thing or two!
Come on! Spill the beans, my dear!
Tell me something I'd like to hear!
It will never be revealed!
I promise you, my lips are sealed!


He was strolling through the desert as intrepid as can be,
When he was attacked by Monoliths as you can plainly see.
They may look rather featureless and harmless from their backs,
But if they turned around I'm sure they'd stop you in your tracks!
Great gaping mouths, and jagged teeth, with lots of fresh  blood dripping.
I tell you, in a horror film you'd find them simply gripping!
But Malcolm is so fearless that he didn't turn a hair
When one of them came up to him he said to it 'Stop there!'
With just one powerful hand he held the ghastly brute at bay,
He stood right in it's shadow and merely shouted 'Stay!'
(He'd tried it out on dogs before so he knew the technique worked!)
The Monolith was so surprised it quivered and it jerked.
So that is how we got away! No Demon could catch us!
We found the other tourists and just got back on the bus!


Margaret said...

I so enjoyed Desert Demons. Quite the brave fellow, I'd say!

Kim, USA said...

The "lips are sealed" flower makes me smile in this snowy Monday morning.
MYM-The village

Maude Lynn said...

Desert Demons is hilarious!

gengen said...

Cool one i like the first one lips are sealed...happy MYM!

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

LOve both of these Brenda!! The monolith one, we've had similar thoughts out on the Arizona and Colorado desert country. And sort of similar in the parts of California and Arizona where all the old cowboy movies were filmed.

Love the poems. Happy New Year!