Saturday, December 18, 2010

Samurai Santa


Santa Claus looked very different
When first he came to Japan,
He wasn't fat and jolly,
Like our usual Santa man!
He was dressed as a Samurai Warrior
So the culture was appeased!
But he still brought gifts and jollity
So everyone was pleased!


A galah in a Christmas Bush


In New South Wales at Christmas Time
The summer weather is sublime.
And all the world is in it's prime.
On Christmas Day.
And stars that twinkle in the night
Shine silver soft and burning bright
With an incandescent summer light,
A grand display.

Some folk may miss a winter clime,
Recalled from some old nursery rhyme,
And some far-distant childhood time
When holly grew,
And frost and snow bedecked outside
And sleighs and skates were there to ride
And all the pretty flowers had died
And no birds flew.

But though we don't inspire the bards
And we admit that our back-yards
Don't look like scenes on Christmas cards,
On Christmas Day
Who would exchange this golden glow
For greying skies and swirling snow,
And icy winds that roar and blow?
Not me! No way!


What a great day we had yesterday! The Melodrama group had its last 'gig' of the year (I'm trying to sound modern!) at a local retirement complex. It so happened that the venue was ideal (some are too cramped and some are too cavernous), the audience was made up of the youthful aged, the little 'pantomime' was successful, we were given an unexpected and delicious Xmas lunch and all of us won prizes in the raffle! The day turned into a party and it was a great finale to the year.

The ladies in the false noses are the Ugly Sisters! And I am wearing a tiara as I was the non-speaking Prince.


annell4 said...

Your bog is so full of wonderful things! I love it.

annell4 said...

I wasn't sure just which one you were, but I think I figured it out. In the middle, just to the left, hey you are the only one in grey?

Anonymous said...

Hi Brenda! Thanks for your recent visit and comment. Your group of ladies looks like fun, and I think the photo of the galah in the Christmas bush is wonderful - represents an Aussie Christmas much more than a red-breasted robin!

eyeography said...

Wow...wonderful poems on Christmas...
The first one made me smile from my heart.. :)
Samurai Santa... :D