Thursday, December 16, 2010

What I Want


I want for nothing! What a claim!
There's nothing essential I can name!
I'm one of the world's most fortunate few;
In every hundred maybe one or two!
The earth is full of folk in need,
And I need nothing! Bliss, indeed.
I'm clothed, I'm fed, I'm free to speak;
I'm healthy, save for a minor creak!
I've a lovely family near at hand;
I live in a bounteous, kindly land.
I want for nothing! Not quite true.
I have two needs; yes, only two.
I find it hard to feel truly blessed
While millions and millions are repressed,
Hungry, homeless, not treated fairly,
Scraping a living, and that but barely.
As soon as I feel gratitude
For my cosy bed and tasty food
The vision of 'want' invades my mind.
I want what I have for humankind.
And the second 'want' applies to me.....
No big deal.......


The rumble of the city, the concrete and the tar,
The chatter of the passers-by, the roar of coach and car.
Yet something straight from Fairyland is there before our eyes.
Surely fairy castles seem to rise.
It could be just the railway station roofs  just to my right,
But fairies live in shadow-land, usually out of sight.
Place flags upon the turrets, let elfin trumpets sound!
The Fairyland of childhood has been found!
(Unfortunately, it's about to be shattered by a car!
Oh well! Just put up with it! You know what humans are!)


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gautami tripathy said...

YOur want poem touchedmy heart!

Merry Christmas to you and you
family!! May your muse be always with you.

dead woman and her wants