Sunday, December 5, 2010

Verification Please!


The words in blue are a  quotation from A Midsummer Nights Dream by William Shakepeare


"The course of true love never did run smooth!"
Now that's a statement with no ifs or buts!
A blanket statement that! Now, come on, Will!
Sometimes your writings need important cuts!
Did anybody , anywhere at all,
Verify your words and sociology?
Did scientists do tests and, over time,
Say 'This is part of amorous biology'?
I want to see a graph that really proves
The road to love is bumpy! Without that
I cannot entertain your views at all!
For I believe the road to love is flat,
Bordered with flowers, without a rut or stone,
With shady trees to shelter, bees to buzz,
And birds to twitter in a dulcet tone!
False love, as we all know, has ups and downs
Quarrels, misunderstandings, things like that,
But true love, Will, is something else again,
With not a single niggle, not a spat!
Ah well, we live in hope! All life has flaws.
Perfection still eludes us come what may.
But 'analysis' would prove you wrong or right
If you were writing poetry today.

What, I ask, is the appeal
Of the macabre and the unreal?
The Gothic craze just leaves me cold.
Yet many love it, I am told.
Skipping about at dead of night,
Eyes all black and face all white!
Hovering nightly quite undaunted
In graveyards which may well be haunted!
Dyeing ones hair as black as jet
And keeping a werewolf as a pet!
Dancing about among the stones,
Undismayed by shrieks and groans!
Wearing black, a sign of grief;
Sobbing into a handkerchief.
Piercing oneself in various places
Much more intimate than faces.
Choosing purple lipstick, too!
A terribly funereal hue!
Dracula is Patron Saint!
Not a semblance of restraint!
These Gothic types are always young,
And they must be highly strung!
They haven't learned that it's a crime
To look for Death before its time!


Flying Monkey said...

I enjoyed both poems but especially the second one. Great portrait of "the Gothic types". Loved the end of it.

Lois Evensen said...

The sign at the top is hysterical!

Nanka said...

The image of the sign board is hilarious and set the trend for the next poem which is outrageously entertaining!!

Poor Will Shakepeare has a lot to answer to you!! LOL!! :D

Anonymous said...

love your wit and playfulness..
well done entry.

Anonymous said...

Glad to Land at your magical poetry land today,
How are you?

Love your poetry talent, Please join us at Jingle Poetry Monday potluck tonight,
First time participants can link in 1 to 3 old poems, poems unrelated to our theme are welcome!

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Happy Sunday/Monday,
Hope to see you in.

KB said...

Loved your poems. The sign made me LOL! Have a great week.

George S Batty said...

liked it, loved it and laughed with it

keiths ramblings said...

Loved both poems, and as for that sign......!!!!!! Thanks for your continued support for Carry On Tuesday.

Anonymous said...

I too was entertained by the first one especially. There is a certain modern bias to it. Love and Light, Sender