Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Pursuit of Happiness



Happiness is a butterfly
That is forever at arms length.
It flutters before me constantly.
I strive with all my strength
To capture it and pin it down
And make a triumphant claim;
To label it and study it
And give it a special name.
I'd feel so safe if I caught it!
I'd feel a golden glow,
Because I'd hunted-down the prize
And I'd never let it go.
But I just feel exhausted
By the never-ending chase
Which occupies me constantly,
At a fast and furious pace.
Whereas, if I sat beneath a tree
In a state of relaxed repose
That butterfly might flutter by
And settle on my nose.

The emblem of Perth, Western Australia


Black is not ideal for feathers
When faced with Perth's inclement weathers!
I don't refer, of course, to rain;
It's the wretched sun that brings such pain!
Along the roads, when the sun is bright
Nearly every car is white;
They know  reflection helps a lot
In this hot and sunny spot.
But I'm the icon of the city!
They think my colour strange but pretty.
They like to have me on display
Even on a blazing day.
So I seek shadow, I seek shade,
Until the daylight starts to fade.
Then you'll find me swimming by
Under a pale and cooling sky.
What a hectic day yesterday was! Enjoyable (on the whole) but hardly restful! It started with a very early dash to the shops (7 a.m.) to buy prawns for the evening salad, followed by preparations for the afternoon Scrabble meeting. Malcolm had booked our Scrabble Lunch at the Bowling Club, but, when I got there, I was informed 'they never open for lunch on Wednesdays' so there was a mad scramble to find another venue. We ended up at the Burwood Inn, a little place we've overlooked, and, luckily, had a delicious meal. During the meal this photo was taken and 'thereby hangs a tale'.

Susan, the lady on the left, has been single all her life. But she recently received a phone call which changed all that! 'I think you may be my mother'! She has discovered a 54 year-old son she gave-up for adoption when she was a girl! She suddenly has grandchildren! We all felt so happy for her!

We played Scrabble in the afternoon and then Malcolm took this 'Class of 2010' photo. Afterwards I rushed to throw together my prawn salad and then we were off into the country to the Book Group party. Unfortunately, I forgot to take my camera! But we had a delightful evening on a friend's property and my 'thrown-together' salad was a success! (Sometimes the harder I try with cooking the worse the result!)


jack sender said...

flutter on, butterfly.

gautami tripathy said...

I loved your write up. Very happy for Susan!

Great poems too...