Monday, December 6, 2010

Naming Baby!


Poetry for Children

While the Bunny Boys were out at play
A brand new Baby came to stay!
When they came home to Dad and Mother
There was a lovely Baby Brother!
Said Dad 'My boys, it's such a shame!
We just can't think of a baby name!
Mother likes Timothy but I
Am rather keen on the name of Guy.
There again, we thought of Tim
But that doesn't seem quite right for him.
There's Algernon, and Fred and Nick
But a name is much too hard to pick.
Then cried the Bunnies One, Two, Three,
'We can choose a name quite easily!
Don't you puzzle any more!
Let's call the baby Bunny Four!'

Although I've never seen a ghost
And I hope I never see one
I must admit it would be fun
If one day I could be one!
If after death I could enroll 
In a school that teaches haunting,
And I could qualify to be
A dab hand and quite daunting!
But I admit I'd find it hard
To choose my expertise,
For would I want to horrify
Or would I want to tease?
I rather fancy rattling cups
Till they fall on the floor,
But breaking crockery every night
Could get to be a bore!
Drifting doesn't grab me much;
Ethereal's not my style
And my intended victims
Might just look at me and smile!
I might consider rattling bones
(Such images delight us)
But in the after-life I might
Still suffer from arthritis!
Groaning sounds good! I'd like to groan;
And I wouldn't mind a screech.
But I think I'd find the 'echoing' part
A bit beyond my reach.
Ectoplasm! That sounds good!
I could change shape willy-nilly,
Though emerging from an orofice
Sounds unwholsome and quite silly.
Looked at from every angle
(And don't think that I'm boasting)
I think I'm worth much more alive!
I just don't fancy ghosting!


signed...bkm said...

Splendid name Bunny even sounds like the name the brothers would give...I am glad you had such fun with it...I had fun reading...thank you ...bkm

eyeography said...

Beautiful poems..
The first one is so cute... :)

Sumit Sarkar

Anonymous said...

The Bunny boys seem to have a had lot of fun naming baby.
And, please don't go ghosting, we like you as you are :)