Saturday, December 25, 2010

Manifestos Made Manifest


I went looking for manifestos;
I'd never done it before.
In fact, of the exact meaning,
I wasn't even sure.
And I found the above example,
Which quickly caught my eye
Because it echoes the thoughts of a friend;
It is her battle-cry!
She'll know who she is when she reads this
And I hope that she approves!
I imagine it it really fitting the bill
In the circles in which she moves!
The word derives from the Latin;
'Manifestum' it began....
A 'clear and conspicuous statement'
Of a creed, an aim, a plan.
Then it became Italian,
As 'manifesto', which we use.
The word has an important ring,
So it's a word politicians use.
Now comes a  smart manifesto.
It's not political at all,
But, to someone who is 'seeking',
It's quite a clarion call!
Now, the best Manifesto
You're ever likely to see!
I'm not too certain what it means
But it really appeals to me!

When first I saw this picture I took it to be antique.
One quick glance made me think of an Old Master.
The hood? Surely a monk's! The crumbling 'Florentine' bricks!
The sense of ancient walls and crumbling plaster.
Then I saw the plastic bags, the modernity, though shabby!
This is no statue formed in alabaster!
I saw some modern agony, not picturesque at all.
Just a very humble intimate disaster.


Linda May said...

Ah Ha Brenda! I am the first to comment. Manifesto, must look it uop as you did. Sounds like something we can all make our own interpretation of.

Giggles said...

Loved this, thanks for the help. Very well done! Many will read with appreciation!

Peace Giggles

George S Batty said...

excellent..the research..the story and the poem. Hope you are having a Merry Christmas and have a great New Year.

Lilibeth said...

Great research on the manifesto topic and I really liked the poem and artwork at the bottom. It is rather strange to see the modern poor on a medieval setting.

Understanding Alice said...

a nice take on manifesto, i also liked the art manifesto - how cool!

Beth Camp said...

Lovely post that leads me to reflect and appreciate your wit and turn of phrase! I like the way the images reinforce your poetry. Very nice.

Old Egg said...

May I say what a delight it has been to read your posts this last year. You have been consistently entertaining in your interpretation and illustration of the various prompts. Thank you.

Lisa said...

What a great post on the topic of manifesto. I especially loved the art is cheap manifesto.

Other Mary said...

Your 'Manifesto' is clever and snappy as usual. I like your 'Evening Meal' even better though. A 'humble intimate disaster' it is.

Anonymous said...

lovely and inventive.
well done,.

Anonymous said...

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DeweySwak said...

fabulous, wonderful and inspiring. I love your writing and perspective. Happy New Year