Thursday, December 30, 2010

Last Chance to What?


The prompt is 'Last Chance'.


There may be people out there who understand this ad!
Maybe it's something up-to-date, the very latest fad!
Maybe I should 'podium' if it's quite the latest thing!
Maybe it is vital to those who're in the swing.
I've never thought of 'podiuming'. I'm filled with nervous doubt!
This gold and silver message makes me feel that I've missed-out!
I look at people in the street and try to make a guess....
Are they cheerful 'podiumers' all filled with happiness?
What happens if one 'podiums'? Does one get up and speak,
Standing at a rostrum and feeling very chic?
The word seems to imply it, but it doesn't make much sense.
But then, I'm quite 'un-podiumed' so I may be rather dense!
It says 'Last Chance'! Have I missed it? Am I doomed to be inept
Because the whole thing passed me by as I, ignorantly, slept?
Oh woe is me! I'm 'podiumless'! I should feel so contrite!
And yet, you know, it's a funny thing..... I feel perfectly all right!


In a world of windows, some are made of glass;
Others are just spaces we look from as we pass.
A boy is looking at a buoy and watching the river flow
And seeing the fishermen fishing from the jetty down below.
A gentle, hazy afternoon, with nothing much to do,
So a boy is dreaming his time away as boys so often do.
He may be thinking of sailing to lands far, far away,
Maybe he dreams of porpoises and whales and sharks at play.
Maybe he dreams of mermaids in caves combing their hair;
Maybe he dreams of treasure islands, wishing he were there!
But no! I'm almost certain I saw him lick his lips!
'Take the photo quickly Grandma! I want to buy those chips!'


La said...

Podium? That's new to me, too. I love your poem, Impatience.

Happy New Year! La

Dr. Pearl Ketover Prilik (PKP) said...

Just absolutely delicious! As I posted over at Poetic Asides.. you started off my day with a grin that spread to a ticklet from top to bottom and all the way through. I am certainly not the first, nor will be I be the last to comment on your enormous talent for articulating pure, crystal, giggling joy. Would be delighted to make your "cyber" or otherwise acquaintance as the essence of the poet behind the poem simply sparkles!.... I am thrilled to have decided that you began to post on what I like to call "The Street" and I am delighted with myself that I took the time to tap your name and find this wonderful wonderful site. I could use all the help that you might be able to cast over the pond in order to learn how to configure my blog in a more creative way. If you can help, terrific if not... please just simply accept my deepest thanks for being you and my pleasure in finding your work!

ALL MY BEST FOR A WONDERFUL, HEALTHY AND HAPPY, AND PEACE-FILLED NEW YEAR... (talk about "last chances" how ironic that I found you on virtually the last day of the year!)