Monday, December 6, 2010

Fellow Fumblers


Oh ye that are fumble-fisted!
Oh ye that can't catch a ball
Oh ye that dabble
In a little Scrabble
Or maybe nothing at all!

Oh ye that suffer embarrassment;
No-one wants you in their team!
You who're chosen last
Very much outclassed!
Ye who can only dream!

Oh ye that gird up your loins
Determined to play the game,
And who constantly miss
While others hiss!
Oh ye who are heaped with blame!

Hang on for a few brief decades!
Your day will come, you'll see;
When others moan
And howl and groan
You'll be arthritis-free!

Oh how their knees will trouble them!
Their shoulders how they'll throb!
With embrocation
They'll seek salvation,
But it wont do the job.

I, too, was so fumble-fisted
That I hung my head with shame.
I was the sort
Who failed at sport.
I never could play the game.

But now that I'm nearing eighty
And my knees are in excellent shape
I realise
I won the prize.
I had a great escape!

So hang on till you're eighty
And you too will live to see
That the last-laugh's ours!
We conserved our powers!
Lucky you! And lucky me!


'Stumbleupon' threw up this gem;
An American view of 'Us' and 'Them'.
'Number One' you've been voted!
The rest of us are just demoted!
Australians, the millions (twenty)
Are reduced to 'Kangaroos' (a'plenty!)
Write and tell me that this view
Honestly doesn't apply to YOU!


Coloring Outside the Lines said...

Aerobics left with me bursitis, walking left me with bad ankles, cycling killed my knees.
I only hope I quit all that nasty exercise in time to save the other body parts.
You are spot on and definitely win the prize to have escaped.

eyeography said...

Amazing post...
I love each and every word in it :)