Friday, December 24, 2010

Controversy Indeed!

Alberta's as remote from me as I'm remote from it! 
And the state of its education doesn't worry me a bit!
I've enough worries here in Oz to occupy my mind!
And what's the betting the worries 'there' are of a similar kind?
Life's full of controversy, whatever the hemisphere!
Alberta has day-care problems? Guess what we have here!
One problem that I've heard-of is the very poor state of pay
Of the tireless day-care workers who manage the kids all day!
(No! Don't write and elucidate! I'll take it all as read!)
I'll tell you my reason for writing this commentary instead.
Why are the children upside-down? Poor old, cold Alberta!
Are the children treated with an orientation converter?
I have a theory.... I think they're floating upside-down because
They're passing some sort of test to prove they could live in the land of Oz!
For, in Australia, as you know, we all live like that!
Where Albertians wear their shoes we tend to wear a hat!
No wonder it's controversial! I must read and discover
If the contents of the book live up to its quirky cover!


(An Acrostic)

'Put your hands together'
Religious people say.
'Ask for anything you want;
Your God will find a way.
Everything is in his hands.
Relax! He will take care.
Every Believer understands
God is everywhere.'