Thursday, January 14, 2010

You Are My Density!


We were actually asked to say this to someone and write about the reaction, but I've broken the rules. I hope he likes the illustration!

You are my density, my love
Because you are so dense.
I long to give you a great shove
Because you make no sense.
When first we met and fell in love
You seemed my destiny,
But after that I met your brain!
It's as empty as can be!
I ask you about history,
You giggle and you say
'The only history I know
Is what happened yesterday!'
I think I'll take another tack
Saying 'Quote from Einstein, please!'
You say 'Is he on the TV?'!
You'll bring me to my knees!
You never read the paper!
You never write a word.
In the words of the vernacular,
You're just a Dolly Bird!
But I forget about your brain,
Because you've other charms.
I find out you ARE my destiny,
When I take you in my arms!
A really awful Dumb Blonde joke here:


geraldgee said...

Much applause

Amity said...

You really made me smile here Brenda...lovely poem it is and yes, for the gurls with no brains, better yet they should be dense or else nobody will give an aye on them...:)

Well, I did not just smile, I even laughed alone...lolz...:)

Write some of this tune Brenda, you have the tact and talent for making your readers smile and have a better day, I'm one!

Anonymous said...

Right proper you just had to use a pic of Mandy for this one, heh, heh...what?

LA Nickers said...


And here's the apt cAPTcha (below)


too funny!

carmilevy said...

You haven't broken anything - you've extended the goodness even further! In the process, you've added an additional, delightful dimension to something that's been making me and those around me happy for countless years.

Thank you for interpreting the theme as you have. You've made my day!

Ginny Hartzler said...

This poem is an absolute scream!! I'm old enough to remember back in the 60's when the long blond haired Twiggy types in England were called Dolly Birds!! and all the fashions and makeup that were Mod were from Carnaby Street.