Sunday, January 31, 2010

Round the Bend.



We say it's for our bodies' sakes
We stride out by the water's side.
We've all put on those extra pounds;
They're very difficult to hide!
We say we like the great fresh air,
The breathing in and breathing out.
We say we like the friendliness
We simply could not do without.
We say we like the water views,
The rippling distances of lake.
We say we like the water-birds
And all the many sounds they make.
We say we like the extra thrill
Of finding new things round the bend.
But I say the thing we really like
Is the coffee and pastries at the end!

A more momentous walk here:


SquirrelQueen said...

What a wonderful photo, a outing at the lake. I like the way you framed the shot with the trees. Your poem is delightful.
The Road to Here

Robin said...

Sad but very true. May I have another danish please?

Margaret Gosden said...

The trees have a lot of character - what are they, I wonder. The hiking looks fun despite your nuances. Might it not be a good idea to find a tasty substitute for pastries. Does anyone have any ideas?

Calico Crazy said...

Lovely photo, and your poem is truer than I care to admit. ~ Calico Contemplations

Anonymous said...

Excellent photo and words to accompany. Your final words gave me a chuckle.

Three Rivers, Michigan said...

I've started a new exercise program - and gained weight. May I join your group of walkers in the monochrome sunshine? Such an appealing photograph. And "coffee and pastries at the end!"
Three Rivers Daily Photo

Dragonstar said...

Now you're speaking to my heart - or maybe my stomach! Nice photo.