Friday, January 29, 2010

Tough Stuff


Cora was no longer young and she had a nasty fall
Tripping over little Billy Johnson's soccer ball.
At the hospital they bandaged her which wasn't very nice
And then the doctor spoke to her and gave her some advice.
'Rest the leg for several weeks. Sit in easy chairs.
And on no account are you allowed to climb up any stairs!'
After several weeks he called around to see if she was better
And he could tell that she was fit the moment that he met her.
'My goodness me!' the doctor said 'You've recovered very well!
You can live a normal life at once; you're healed now, I can tell.'
'It'll be great to use the stairs!' Cora said with a joyful shout,
'Going up and down that drainpipe has almost worn me out!'
A wiser doctor here:

See tomorrow's blog for another feisty entry.


FranE said...

You have blessed me with a good belly laugh tonight. What a fun joke, er...jokes ; )

Rose said...

Oh-ho--this is a wonderful poem! Made me laugh!