Friday, January 22, 2010

Last Post!




Guarding the fading embers
The trees stand in a row.
We can almost hear the Last Post
As the colours start to go.
Catch the moment! Catch the glory!
Before it fades away.
And leaves the trees to guard-duty
Until another day.
More guarding going on here:


geraldgee said...

Brilliant BB.

Anonymous said...

Nature's sentinels stand e'er at attention, whilst the colours fade...

Nice one Brenda :)

Wanda..... said... was The Guard Dog poem!

Margaret Gosden said...

That's a good one - I can hear the Last
Post in your words!

Ralph said...

The tree tops are stout, sentries at attention for the night. The end of day is beautiful but the guards are ready for a long nights watch...

Calico Crazy said...

I love the textured effect the clouds provide. Your poem is perfect for the photo.

Richard said...

Wonderful! That was wonderful!

Anna said...

Gorgeous sunset pic, and I loved the poem with it.

Looking @ The Sky on Friday said...

This would make a beautiful postcard! You've done a magnificent job capturing the end of what looked like a lovely day!

Thanks for playing along. Happy Friday!


Patti said...

The silhouetted trees stand at attention against a beautiful sunset.
Nice reflections in the foreground.

Wonderful poem with your photo!

Cheryl said...

Beautiful, beautiful!!