Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I Am a Conduit!


I've suddenly realized I have been chosen!
The Martians
(Or whatever)
Have chosen me,
Little me,
As a means of communicating with the world!
Word Verifications are individual?
The word that 'comes up' for me,
'Comes up' for no-one else on earth!
So I have been chosen!
It's obvious!
Time and again I receive messages!
Is the Blog in question
Concerned with
Up comes
The Word Verification...
(You must see the word 'RICE'
Hidden there!)
It's uncanny!
Is the Blog in question
Concerned with
Mallard Ducks?
Up comes the Word Verification'
See what I mean!
Bow down before me!
I am the chosen one!
Today it was made even more plain!
I 'googled'
To find a Word Verification illustration.
And 'up came' the little fellow
You see below!
He's called a
Word Verification Robot!
The mysterious has been made manifest!
Watch this space!


Further mysticism concerning weather here:


Amity said...

Now I learn some info here!

Is that so? I have doubts Brenda!
Till i watched the attached video when i have the luxury of time!

Maria Berg said...

Yes that is the way it turn out from time to time - bee ware of the robot!


mrsnesbitt said...

Oh Brenda a poem re Jo awesome! He was sticking his head into the watering can which I use to fill up his water bucket! Bless!