Monday, January 11, 2010

Golden Memory



It wasn't so very long ago that I was a Lemon Drop!
But, as is the manner of everything, that all came to a stop.
Some of us moved, some of us left and some, I fear, just died,
And some became, as in my case, differently occupied.
The group was formed by Miss Lemon, long before my day,
And the name was retained when she passed-on, in a memorial way.
We entertained the elderly, though we were far from young!
Some of us spouted poetry, and lots of songs were sung.
We enjoyed each others' company, and often met for lunch,
When there would be a table spread with lovely food to munch.
On the occasion pictured, we had a barbecue,
And I wanted to take photos, as I quite often do.
'Fool about!' I ordered them, 'Don't look all stiff and staid!'
So they duly posed 'al fresco' there in the dappled shade.
We always dressed in yellow ( the reason's in the name)
And I chose the overhanging trees to make the picture-frame.
And, somehow, they took on the shade, the golden yellow glow.
And this is how I remember friends from the days of long ago.

Another Lemon Drops memory here:

See tomorrow's blog for a contemplative view.


Ginny Hartzler said...

I had to click on this picture to get a better look. How lovely! and what a touching, wonderful post full of memories. It truly made me teary eyed. I'm sure everyone our age had groups of friends from the past that have faded away as we all moved on in one way or the other.

Unknown said...

nice photo; great memoties, I'm sure!

Maria said...

Great photo. Thanks for stopping by.

Vintage Rose Studio said...

Ah Brenda!! lovely memories!!
Vintage Rose Studio

nice A said...

Wish I could reach your age and still enjoy golden memories of great friendships.