Monday, January 11, 2010

Hover Boy

Copied with permission from Sami Jo.


I didn't take this picture! But the concept caught my eye.
A little boy who's very brave, pretending he can fly!
High up in a sky-scraper, on a strong transparent floor,
He can spread his arms and swoop straight up and hover there and soar.
The buildings way below him look exactly like small toys,
And he knows he is the envy of all other little boys.
I've changed it into monochrome because I liked it so.
I hope he likes my little verse! Thank you, Sami Jo.

A poem Sami Jo's little boy might enjoy here:


Ginny Hartzler said...

What a very interesting and unusual picture! And informative and cute poem to go with it!

Cheryl said...

Hi! Thanks for coming by and leaving your comment. Wow, this photo is simply astonishing! I can only imagine what one of my boys would have thought if they had the chance at that young age to "hover". How magical it must be to the little boy.

Linda said...

Your blog is very nice. I shall stop by again. Thanks for stopping by mine. I love blogging.

NitWit1 said...

Really great photo and we become so enthralled with technicolor we forget the virtues of B/W, one of which is the subject is more important and identifiable.

Love the accompanying poem.

I know the seasons are upside down above and below the equator.

Thanks for visiting my blog.winessi

Unknown said...

Thankyou thankyou.
We are truly honoured to have been the source of your inspiration!

And i love that you changed the picture- it actually looks much better, lol.

Off to check out the link you suggested to us- again, thx.

Mari Meehan said...

So much nicer than our balloon boy story!

Matty said...

Fantastic poem. I envy that boy and his bravery.

Claudya Martinez said...

Lovely verse!

Inspired Living Spaces said...

Oh I love this shot!! raelly neat and very clever!!!
Brenda I see you've spent time in Zimbabwe and South Africa ... not sure if you know but my photoblog, thinking aloud, is predominantly about South Africa.
Thanks for visitng my Blue Monday post at Inspired Living spaces.

Thinking aloud link :

Candy said...

Oh, but I have enjoyed reading through your last few posts. Brave Hover Boy and the Lemon Drops...I want to be a Lemon Drop! Loved your words~differently occupied. It just fits what I have been doing this last year with blogging and all that comes with it.
And a smile for Postman Pat delivering across the ocean blue!
Thanks for stopping by so that I could follow back to your place. I will enjoy following your verse.
Happy Monday Blessings ;-)

Unknown said...

Fantastic! What a verse written about an emerging mind. It gave me a lift. I made me want to fly. Buz

Unknown said...

Fantastic! What a verse written about an emerging mind. It gave me a lift. I made me want to fly. Buz