Thursday, February 18, 2010

Full House!



Full house on the trampoline!
Not much room in between!
Bouncing, jumping, sprawling, leaning!
Every type of trampolining!
Little Harry's not too sure
What a trampoline is for!
Blake is giggling fit to bust!
No wonder that he bit the dust!
Brian's too large, and that's a fact,
But Brian's always action-packed!
As for Mike, he's having fun
Joining-in with everyone!
All I could do was stand and laugh
And quickly take a photograph!
A very good jumper here:


Jo said...

Oh Brenda;) it's amazing how you can turn every occasion into a poem. Wonderful.

fredamans said...

Great family moment, what fun!

Margaret Gosden said...

Trampolines seem to be a popular item in your backyards! This is a fun post!

Mary said...

fun motion, thanks for playing!

Anonymous said...

And thank the Lord it wasn't the bed
Where they could be breaking the slats
Or even a head....

Nice shot Brenda. This motion stuff is fun.

Anonymous said...

fun, fun, fun! fun motion!


Kat said...

the bubbling fun captured well

in verse and pic..!!!