Saturday, February 20, 2010

To the Happy Couple!


Genevieve and Brad were married. They were, oh, so much in tune,
And they thought it would be novel to have a jungle honeymoon.
They bought themselves the right equipment, dressed themselves in jungle kit,
Headed off to snakes and scorpions, neither of them scared a bit.
Then they came upon a clearing with natives sitting round a fire,
Felt a little insecure then for the scene looked rather dire.
They saw a vat of boiling water, felt they'd like to run and hide.
But the chieftan beckoned to them, said 'We'd like to toast the bride!'
Sure enough, the bride was toasted; so much for doom and gloom.
Till, to round-off the big party
They went and barbecued the groom!

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geraldgee said...

Great!loved the little picture too.

Kat said...

aha.. a good lesson

steer clear of the natives with leaves around their hips and dancing around boiling pots..!!!

this poem sure sounded a different recipe..!!!!