Sunday, February 28, 2010




The monochrome deceives our eyes,
Hiding the blue of our seas and skies.
But there's another deception here,
Though, at first it might not be quite so clear.
See the coal-ships way off-shore;
We know what they are waiting for.
They will be our trade solution,
Exporting ship-loads of black pollution.
Sending coal to other races,
Other countries, other places,
Clouding their skies with dust and dirt,
While we remain blue and quite unhurt.
We deceive ourselves every time we feel
That pollution is a bit unreal!
Look at our sky! Look at our air!
'Pollution?' we say 'Oh, over there!'

Another 'take' on the same subject here:


Maude Lynn said...

I love the poem! So true.

Anonymous said...

With all the non-fossil fuel sources there are, you'd think the changes would've been apparent by now, wot? 'Tis a spot on poem, Brenda...

Dragonstar said...

A good photo to point the contrast, and a good point well made.