Thursday, February 4, 2010

Poor Pewter Pig!



Why is it always pigs they choose to store their money in?
Why is it only pigs that have a slit cut in their skin?
Why don't they choose an elephant, a monkey or a cat?
No! Don't tell me it's because a pig is always fat!
Don't add insult to injury! A hippo's 'porky' too!
But I've never seen a Hippo Bank in all my life! Have you?
A whale is round and blubbery and could hold a lot of cents,
But a Whale Bank? Never! Never! It doesn't make much sense!
They try to say they trust me with their items of small change,
But why don't they trust the others? I find it very strange.
I don't mind being an ornament, an item of great beauty,
But it does upset me rather when I'm put on fiscal duty!
The coins weigh heavily inside; I sometimes get the colic;
Those heavy pennies weigh me down, too cumbersome to frolic!
As you see, I look despondent, but no-one cares a fig.
When someone created a money-box, why did they pick poor Pig?
Some well-known pigs here:


Kat said...

food for thought'..!!!!

Last line could probably read
....why did they pick the RICH Pig..!!!


Jo said...

I've never seen a pewter (silver-coloured) piggy bank. Good point you have there, Brenda.

Gena @ Thinking Aloud said...

Hi Brenda - how are you?! What a cute pewter piggy!!! Love your spider web below - a really awesome shot!!!
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