Sunday, February 14, 2010


Rob Weston


My friend Rob has a narrow-boat and, when the summer arrives,
He leads the most unfettered and comfortable of lives.
He packs up his home on the mainland and spends his summer days
On the canals of England, those magical waterways.
They criss-cross the summertime country, allowing him to see
Every village he passes through, every inn and hostelry.
When he comes to a lock, and there are many, he calls on friends to assist,
And an invitation to stay with him is one that's never missed!
It's winter now, in England, there's snow and rain and mud,
But, very soon, the small green shoots will struggle into bud.
The skies will become a deeper blue, the grass a deeper green,
The lambs, and buttercups-and-daisies will appear upon the scene.
Then Rob will sniff the morning air and put his craft to rights
Dreaming of slow-moving days and gently-rocking nights.
He'll put his boat in the water; the engine will start to throb,
And, from here in Australia, I'll call out ' Bon Voyage! Good on yer, Rob!'

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See tomorrow's blog for stormy weather.


rallentanda said...

What a nice way to travel about England.Lucky Rob!

Cheryl said...

Wow, what fun it must be to have that life. To see all about from the water must be great. Bon Voyage indeed.