Monday, February 8, 2010

Pink on Black

Theme: Pink and Black.


When Blake was small, a long time ago,
We took him to see a Camellia Show.
Pink on black seemed to be the theme.
So I hope it qualifies for this week's meme!
Another use for flowers here:


K said...

gorgeous flowers!

Claudya Martinez said...

How old is Blake now?

Margaret Gosden said...

Looks like he loved his snoopy!

Anonymous said...

I've never seen that photo - it's very sweet of him. He is growing up too quickly for his mum - (sigh)

Darlene said...

Blake had the sweetest face. I hope he doesn't mind that comment because most boys would not want to have anything to do with looking sweet. I apologize, Blake, but it's still true.

Cheryl said...

Oh a very sweet Blake! I loved the flowers all neatly displayed. Sure makes me want spring-NOW!