Saturday, February 6, 2010

Mentally Maxine

c John Wagner
Hallmark Inc.

It seems to me, in Australia, Spring Cleaning comes quite late.
Or maybe it's just a misnomer unaffected by the date.
Spring starts in September, but January's the time,
To turn out all the cupboards and wash away the grime.
This is because, in January, everything slows to a halt;
It's the summer holiday, of course, and hot weather is at fault.
I can switch on the air-conditioning, and stay cooped up inside,
Rather than go out in the sun and be positively fried!
I completed my cleaning a month ago; I'm feeling neat again
But, unlike my friend Maxine, I didn't find my brain!
I know it's in there somewhere, but, sad to say, I fear
I'll have to do without it till Spring Cleaning time next year!

More about my brain here:


C.M. Jackson said...

what would we do without Maxine? love her-I'm with you on cleaning. I firmly believe that the fine layer of dust that permeates my house protects me from all fkus and virus;-)

great post-c

Auntie E said...

Spring for you, winter for us. We are having a big snow storm. it is refreshing to think of spring today.
My Maxine link is in my name.

maryt/theteach said...

Like Auntie E says "Spring for you, Winter for us." I'm in NYC and the snow is missing us completely... Oh happy day! Thanks for commenting on Maxine at my blog! :)

Judi said...

LOL! I'm looking forward to spring here. We're planning for the Super Bowl game on my blog. Cheers!