Thursday, February 18, 2010

Pink? Shocking!



There's nothing wrong with dressing-up;
Nothing wrong with being pretty.
But the colour pink has taken-hold
In a way I think a pity.
Women have fought for equality
Ever since time began.
Not that they want to be masculine,
Always aping a man;
But because they want to be themselves,
Not assigned to a 'female' box.
And the pinking of femininity
Is what, quite honestly, shocks.
Little girls should be tom-boys,
If that's their inclination.
And infantile sexuality
Is just an abomination!
From the age of two our girls are taught
'Be pretty for nothing else matters',
As for growing into girlishness,
Well, that idea's in tatters!
'Pink for a girl and blue for a boy'
Has always been the saying,
But it was meant for new-borns,
Not little girls when they're playing.
All this gauze and tinsel stuff
Looks tacky, well and truly!
What's wrong with a little hoyden
Who's inclined to be unruly?
So Shocking Pink, for me, at least,
Means brain-washing half of youth.
All boys should be forced to dress in blue!
Stupid? Ain't that the truth!


More stereotyping here:


Blue said...

I never wore pink as I grew, was always a blue girl!

Jinksy said...

Let's you and me start a new trend-
be COLOURFUL, though round the bend?!
Red and green and yellow too -
in fact, we could choose any hue!

Angie said...

LOVE IT!!! Pics & verse.

Tiffany Norris said...

Love it! I'll be posting Fred's pink stuff later today, but we won't have nearly the fun you did. :)

Darlene said...

What a sweetie dressed all in pink with her thumb in her mouth.

Do you suppose the pink for girls and blue for boys came from Gainsborough's paintings, Blue Boy and Pinkie? Or maybe it's a very old tradition.

Kat said...

The pink dressed little girl looks an Angel.

Probably the child chose that colour and not the parent :))))