Saturday, February 6, 2010

A Small Canvas


I have painted my life
On a tiny canvas.
It has been brightly coloured
With pretty little patterns
All over it.
And a few
Black smudges.
But it hasn't amounted to much.
No-one ever wanted to frame it!
No-one ever asked me to give
An Exhibition.
No-one ever 'wrote me up'
In the local press.
No-one ever discussed
My picture.
No-one ever analysed
The emotions and technique
That lay behind my work.
I wanted to use broad strokes
And create a masterpiece.
But I never found the right canvas
And I lost the brush.
After a while
The paints dried up.
I'll throw them away.
My life is displayed
On a Post-It note.
With a sticky back.
So that it can be removed
And tossed away,
With ease.
Post-It notes
Don't survive for long.
Maybe I am less than a Post-It note.
 Maybe I am just a pixel.
 Maybe most of us are pixels.
It is only when pixels are seen en masse
That they amount to anything.
But one missing pixel
Isn't missed.

Someone who made the effort here:


kelvin s.m. said...

Indeed very touching!!!:)

Glennis said...

I have a friend whose office staff once surprised him by post-it-noting every single thing in his office to greet him when he returned to work after a vacation. there were thousands of notes on every surface in his office. it was hilarious!!

thank you for visiting my blog at and leaving such a nice comment.


Grandma said...

Very thought provoking analogy. Thanks so much for sharing at the Weekend Writer's Retreat. Hope to see more of your fine work soon.

Carolyn Ford said...

Yes, touching...and, something to think about.

Alice Audrey said...

Sad, but all too often true. I'm a picture that slops off the edges of my post it note, invading other notes and whispering, "cone on, let's play."

Martha said...

That's why we all need to "stick" together! Great photo for Color Carnival this week :-)

B : ) said...

The picture is fantastic - I love it and would like to see every note up close. The poem however, sounds so bereft. Guess I just like my poems like I like my weather - sunny!

Calico Crazy said...

I love that photo of the post-it wall, very cute and colorful. Your poem made me stop and think, never a bad thing. Thanks for joining us at the Weekend Writer's Retreat.