Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Hat Trick


Seen at the Races and then in the press.
A lady who really knows how to dress.
The raven hair with the scarlet hat;
You don't see contrasts better than that!
The smiling lips and the arching brows,
The matching colour of frock or blouse.
Hats don't suit me; my sort of face
Makes any hat look out of place.
The nose too big, the chin too podgy!
The whole effect is rather dodgy!
But there's, oh, what a show of airs and graces
Among the girls at Newcastle Races!

A hat made all the difference here:


Ralph said...

Ah, but what price stye?? You might think that the horses at the races would be the focal point for the spectators. Except the lady wearing the ruby hat is a focal point herself. She has a style all her own...

Carletta said...

That picture so reminds me of my husband's niece. :)
Loved the poetry!

rallentanda said...

This is not you is it? The last time I saw you you were taking tea with the vicar totally starkers!RWP
needs a serious injection of humour.Why don't you put on another

Jenn Jilks said...

That is wonderful; good work.

Cheryl said...

The only hats I ever wear are knit caps in the cold of winter! I must say I do admire one who can wear such creations!