Saturday, February 6, 2010

Those Violet Eyes!

Borrowed from Gerald Gee.


Mr Gee has done it again,
Linking images and refrain.
Visit his blog and you will see
Just how elegant life could be
If we turned the clock back to the past,
When the pace of life was not so fast.
The face above, with the violet eyes,
(Impossible colour, impossible size,)
Led me to listen to the tune.
You'll hear a singer actually croon,
Not scream and shout like a thing possessed!
This voice murmured and caressed.
And, oh, the elegance of the art,
Imagination playing a part!
Only sketches, but with such wit,
My mind filled-in the rest of it.
Return to a time when life was charming;
Before old Adolf started arming!
Visit Gerald's blog and you will see
How seductive violet eyes can be!
 A very special Violet here:

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istanbuldailyphoto said...

Did you meet again with a great poem: "Those Violet Eyes!"