Saturday, September 12, 2009



We walk up a ho-hum path past very same-ish greenery;
Nothing to excite us here; it isn't scenic scenery!
But then we see the way is marked with something rather strange!
Rainbow flags! And right away our drab mood starts to change!
Something must be going on and we can hardly wait!
We'll sense a change of atmosphere when we finally reach the gate!
What will we find when we go in? Will it be a fairyland?
Follow the flags, and then, dear Bloggers, you will understand!
No! I'm not going to tell you! I don't think I ever will!
Just enjoy the 'frisson', that disclosure's bound to kill!

A different sort of excitement here:


Alan Burnett said...

Meany. Tell us, go on.

Coffeedoff said...

Lovely coloured flags. Like the poem too!

Vicki ~ FL said...

I like the colored flags.....BTW, thanks for your visit.

Have a great day!

Martha said...

What a neat post - love the photo and the poem! Thanks for sharing them with us at the Color Carnival :-)

flowerweaver said...

Lovely flags, and yes I followed the link, what a lovely story about the dress. I grew up poor, and I remember how small kindnesses like these were so special!

Linda :) said...

Lovely colors and poem too!! :)