Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Kookaburra Kapers!

letter 'K'


Yindingie made the animals, the insects and the birds.
They roamed around Australia in great numbers, flocks and herds.
Most of them were happy with the way life had begun,
Except for little Kookaburra; he was the solemn one.
In fact, he was a misery, for envy ruled his mind;
He wanted to sing like the other birds, of every breed and kind.
'Why haven't I a voice?' he cried; 'It really isn't fair
That I should be so silent when I'm flying in the air!'
Now Snake was getting skittish and he fancied Frog for tea,
And Kookaburra watched them both with bold intensity.
The Snake was looking evil as he slid to little Frog,
And finally he reached him as he jumped up on a log.
Frog jumped and jumped, now up, now down, now on the grassy ground,
And Snake at last saw something move, and pounced without a sound.
At that very moment Frog escaped and didn't he rejoice!
While Kookaburra laughed and laughed!
He'd found his special voice.
For Snake had grabbed at his own tail, which was curled around the log.
He'd taken a mouthful of himself, instead of the lucky Frog!
The Kookaburra's laughter rang throughout the land around
And other Kookaburras came to learn the cheeky sound.
Since then the famous laugh throughout the bush is always heard
And the cheerful Kookaburra is Australia's favourite bird.

More about the Dreamtime here:


Mara said...

What a sweet little poem.

Elaine Yim said...

Yes! K for kookaburra. I like this post.

Sylvia K said...

Fun poem for the K day! I love it!



Unknown said...

Now that is just PERFECT for this weeks letter K : ) I always find some nice inspiration here when I stop to visit!

SmilingSally said...

I remember a song about kookaburra singing in an old oak tree.

photowannabe said...

Delightful story-telling. I love the whole thing about the noisy bird.

Rose said...

Such a fun poem! Thanks for putting a smile on my face this evening.

Tumblewords: said...

I love this - it sings of adventure and good karma!

Roger Owen Green said...

Kookaburra sits in the old gum tree
Merry, merry king of the bush is he
Laugh, Kookaburra! Laugh, Kookaburra!
Gay your life must be

Paula Scott Molokai Girl Studio said...

So THAT is the story that inspired the song! How wonderful to have learned about this. What a great post! THanks!

Vicki ~ FL said...

I remember the same song that Smiling Sally is talking about...thanks for the memories.

jay said...

Haha! I love it! Nicely done!

I always wondered why the kookaburra laughs. :)