Wednesday, September 9, 2009




I could buy a brown bag since nothing could be duller.
I could buy a black bag , a really useful colour.
I could buy a white bag , so everything was blending.
I could buy a grey bag with usefulness unending.
But I think I'll buy a bag like these; I'll choose one in a minute.
One of these would be just right! I'll store a rainbow in it!
The Australian Rainbow Serpent here:


SmilingSally said...

I love the bags, AND I love the rhyme.

Jinksy said...

No matter what colour a bag is on the outside, its inner corners will eventually harbour fluff of a universal grey!

Patty said...

Very nice,

Quilly said...

I like the green one to the left! Carrying that would make me smile!

Dr.John said...


chrome3d said...

That is a cool collection of bags and I don´t know which one to pick from those, for my wife of course.

Jo said...

I love the bags, and once again your rhyme is amazing.

storyteller said...

Love you kewl rhyme and colorful options in handbags this week! I've missed a few weeks but did get my act together this morning and posted at Sacred Ruminations ;--)
Hugs and blessings,

Martha said...

How cute and perfect for the Color Carnival! :-)