Wednesday, September 23, 2009



They're chatting in America but we have woken up
To a raging wind-storm bearing desert dust!
'They' have to make decisions! Our future's in their hands!
This isn't a case of 'Shall we?'! It's a MUST!


Mari Meehan said...

Good luck with this bunch getting much accomplished!

Jim said...

Wow. We copped the dust storm in Sydney this morning. Everything was very orange.
Sydney - City and Suburbs

Mari Meehan said...

This reminds me of pictures of duststorms in Iraq that a friend serving over there sends me!

Rinkly Rimes said...

I must say we felt as though we'd been spirited yo the Middle East!

Anonymous said...

Hope you all safe out there.I read it in newspapers here....and it made me write too at

Kat said...

True, in Middle East have seen this alarming sand storm. Sadly and interestingly its now 'volcanic ash in the skies'..!!!!!