Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Call



Three times in the dead of night
Rang the telephone by my bed.
The first ring woke me with a start,
The second with awful dread.
The third ring left me paralyzed,
Unable to move at all!
I simply couldn't stir myself
To answer the phantom call!
And then the ringing stopped.... like that!
All was silence in the room.
I lay there breathing heavily,
Still with a sense of doom.
I waited for another ring,
Lying stiffly, with eyes wide.
Surely the caller would ring again
If somebody had died!
The moments passed, the silence
Stretched on and on and on.
Whoever had been calling me
Had obviously gone!
But what if it were a burglar,
'Casing the joint' maybe?
Checking to see if I were home
In order to burgle me!
My silence must give him the hint
Of nobody-around.
But what if he came because of that!
Surely I'd be found
Cowering in my narrow bed,
The sheet up to my chin,
And he might be a rapist burglar!
What a pickle to be in!
I lay there in a zombie state
Until the dawn of day
And then the telephone rang again!
It was Caroline to say
'I rang your number by mistake
In the middle of the night!
I've rung now to apologise!
Did you get a fright!'
Another uncomfortable night here:


Glennis said...

Missing an unexpected phone call in middle of the night does fill you with dread and leave you thinking about loved ones far away.

keith said...

I love this piece! I think we've had calls like this during the night and thinking the worst. What a perfect ending!

Tom said...

! getting a phone call in the middle of the night always makes me expect the worst...nice rhymes.

Brian Miller said...

phone calls in the middle of the night are never a good thing...though in this case all well well. nicely played!

hapy tt!

Ronda Laveen said...

It is so easy for our mind to get the better of us at times. Especially in dark times.

e said...

Wonderful contribution to the theme...Happy TT!

TheWordWire said...

What a great post! Who can't relate to that feeling of laying there with the sheet up to your chin? Love it.

JeffScape said...

There's a definite Poe-vibe to this. I dig it.

Rebecca said...

What a relief that must have been to discover who was calling! I know anytime the phone rings in the wee hours, I assume it's bad news. I've thought about a possible intruder as well so I can really relate to this post.

Kat said...

best thing to do is to pick the tel and say " This is Merewether Police gaurding Brenda home, can I help you..!!! " :))))