Saturday, September 12, 2009





 Of course it started out as French ('cocotte' and all that jazz),

But I thought that I should bring it down to earth;
A ramekin is just the same (just see the shape it has)
And the snack we'll make will be of equal worth.
Switch your oven to a medium heat and once you have it hot
Heat up a dish or tray with water in it
Meanwhile butter ramekins; add some salmon, not a lot;
All this should take you only just a minute.
Now break an egg on the salmon, with more salmon on the top,
With some pepper and some salt to add their flavour.
Then finally add dollops of your favourite cream (go plop!);
Whichever type of cream it is you favour.
Bake standing in the water for ten minutes, give or take,
Then serve to eat with luscious crusty bread.
(Mix the butter with the tarragon, an easy thing to make;
Then wait till all the 'Ooh la las' are said.)

Ingredients (for 8)

  • 8 large Eggs  100g Smoked Salmon  8 tbsp Cream  8 slices bread 
  • 60g Butter   1 pinch Pepper      3 tbsp Tarragon

Eggs of a different kind here:


Kristen said...

I love that you post your recipes in verse. Thanks for adding a little extra something. I really enjoy it.

magiceye said...

Ooh la la
seems yummm :)

Quilly said...

A rhyming recipe -- sounds tasty!

Joy @ Joy Of Desserts said...

Ooh la la
C'est bon
le saumon