Saturday, September 26, 2009


The best thing about these biscuits is that one eats them at any time,
Even while reading a book in bed, eating them's not a crime!
But they're even better with coffee, better still with a glass of wine,
And the special bite they offer is absolutely divine!
Heat your oven early; preparation time is brief,
 Which, in these rushed and hustled times is a merciful relief!
Beat butter, salt, sugar till creamy; add egg and cheese and mix;
Then fold in flour and chilli.  (It's very easy to fix!)
Roll the mixture into little balls and with a fork  press down
Then bake at 160 till the biscuits are golden brown.
This should take about twenty minutes. Now try one! I know you'll say
'These are tremendous biscuits! I'm going to open a cafe!'

160 gm. butter   90 gm. sugar   1/4 tsp. salt  1/2 egg    3 slices of  Cheddar cheese  cubed
200 gm. Plain flour    1 tsp. baking powder   3/4 tsp. chilli powder

PS. If you double the amount you make a whole egg will be used!
(But seeing you halve a raw egg should  keep your family amused!)

Cheese among other things here:


A Girl Named Me said...

Mmmm! Maybe I'll do some baking this weekend. xoxo

Anonymous said...

I'd use the whole egg, if you please, so brew up some coffee and pass the cheese!(grin)

anthonynorth said...

Such a poetic recipe. And now I'm hungry.

George S Batty said...

They sound good to me. Any muffin made poetically would certainly be "gummable" but alas I don't know how to fold. So When I get to your great country I'll call ahead and bring the wine and we can sit on your porch and drink and dine.

"Sunshine" said...

Those biscuits sound great. I love how you can give a recipe in poetic form!

Mara said...

I think you just want to see us all messing up with that egg! ;)

I love how you can make a poem out of everything!

Cricket said...

Interesting recipe - biscuits with chili and cheese. Will have to try them.

Frances said...

It's four in the morning otherwise I would make haste to the supermarket for the fixings. They sound simple to make and simply delicious.
Thanks for sharing.
Have a wonderous week.

WrightStuff said...

Yummy - especially with that glass of red wine you promised!

keiths ramblings said...

Now that's clever! Excellent post.

Tammy Brierly said...

A poem written as a recipe was brilliant and mouthwatering.

Dee Martin said...

brilliant! Can't wait to try this :)

Tumblewords: said...

Scrumptious - Where's your cafe going to be? I'll come by as I'm one who doesn't favor my cooking!