Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Decision

The Reality
The Dream

I was young and restless; my love-life a stagnant pond;
I had a vague sort of yearning to see the world beyond,
Beyond the limits of a staff-room in a regular city school.
I wanted to breathe some different air, obey some different rule.
I sat there at the table; a stranger took a chair,
And then we started chatting about her country 'over there'.
She was a temporary teacher, on leave for just a while,
And whenever she mentioned her country she did so with a smile.
She painted, in glowing colours, the freedom and the sun,
The people and the climate, the laughter and the fun.
As she spoke I felt more restless, more eager to spread my wings,
To leave behind old London and a lot of other things.
She told me how I could organise such a momentous change;
Loose-ends I would have to tie! So much to arrange!
But, even as we spoke there, over a cup of tea,
I realised something important was happening to me.
I was last to leave the staffroom; briefly I was alone.
I took a deep breath and crossed the room and picked-up the telephone.

(The year? 1956. The destination? Rhodesia, now Zimbabwe.)
Rather a different view here:


anthonynorth said...

I've often felt that restlessness. Sometimes I went with it, but often not.

i beati said...

huge decision

Calico Crazy said...

What an amazing life changing decision. To think I got stress over moving 370 miles across the same country.

Calico Contemplations

Dawn said...

You are brave to move around like that.

Hootin Anni said...

by reading this, no matter what decision you make in life, your life is exciting and adventurous!!!

My HoT is posted.

Margaret Gosden said...

For me, a memorable reminisce! Did you keep in touch with the person you encountered, I wonder. What did your first school room in Rhodesia then really look like.

Karen said...

Oh wow! Did you go there and stay?

Grace said...

I'm a little behind in getting to all the HOTS this week... Thank you for sharing your decision. I had considered moving to China right after college. I never did. Wonder what would of happened if I did. Glad you got to take that job.

Lilibeth said...

You make me want to hear the end of this story.