Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Red Roadster



Blake fancied a Ferrari when he was six years old,
And not the sort of Dinkie car a little boy can hold!
He knew he couldn't have one for at least a year or two,
So standing by a bright red one would simply have to do.
When we went to the museum, there was the very one,
Shining with the redness of a brightly setting sun.
I took a photo of him since photos were allowed.
I know he didn't own it but, my goodness, he looked proud!
Another car, another boy here;


Hootin Anni said...

I'm with Blake....I'd fancy THAT one in MY driveway too.

My Ruby Tuesday is up...this week, "Sweet William" --scroll down below my Tuesday's Heads or Tails section.

EG CameraGirl said...

So are you buying him one for his next birthday? Just think of how happy he would be!

Ralph said...

What kid doesn't fancy themselves in a flashy red sporty Ferrari?? A perfect dream until you actually have to buy the insurance! But a beauty, and al Italian sports cars look absolutely perfect in ruby!

quilly said...

Blake does have good taste in cars!

You're a day ahead you know. Mine won't be up until late tonight, which will be tomorrow for you.

Martha said...

I could go for one of those too!


Suburban Girl said...

I do see a Farrari in his future! He is just beaming!

magiceye said...

she is a beauty!!

marian said...

you're poem's a little beauty as is the ferrari & doesn't Blake look proud as punch!

Auntie E said...

A child's dream. He really does look like he owns it. Watch out, someday he will be driving one up to your house:-)

Anonymous said...

lovely take on the meme!

i also participated this week!


Raven said...

He does look proud! Love the poem and the photo.

Darlene said...

Blake is handsomer than the Ferrari and he won't go out of style.

Susan at Stony River said...

I love that smile! The car's not bad either --- just imagining a road trip in that is making me smile too.

LV said...

What a cute post and great young fellow. No matter the age, we all have dreams.

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

Blake’s red Ferrari
will live in his dreams—his smile,
like the car’s paint, gleams.

A red-eyed fish!

Ingalill said...

Yapp! Thats a car for me!