Monday, September 21, 2009


Gerald Gee


What do I know of art? Practically nothing at all!
But sometimes I see a painting and I hear a clarion call.
I stumbled on this, this-morning, surfing the net as I do,
And I felt that it was a treasure that I should share with you.
Can you feel the wet sand squelching between your innocent toes?
Can you feel the dark cliffs looming as the evening darker grows?
Can you picture the warm interiors of the cottages by the sea?
And can you imagine their tables, where they're sitting down to tea?
Can you hear the cries of the seagulls, even though they're not in view?
Can you hear the lisp of the water, with its pale so-English blue?
I can hear and see and smell and dream and imagine I am there.
And, if I 'don't know nuffin'' I simply do not care!
You may tell me only Gaugin or Rembrandt rates a mention,
And often I view my artistic taste with a certain apprehension!
That awful phrase......'I know what I like'...... is such a condemnation!
But I like this because I get a frisson of elation
From tuning-in to another mind, another way of seeing,
Another attitude to life, another way of being.
And so I recommend to you the artist (see below)
And if you don't agree with me I just don't want to know!
Note: Gerald says he makes kitchens and looks like Clark Gable! What more can a girl ask?

Something almost on the same lines here:


Alan Burnett said...

I echo your recommendation. I have become a great fan of his Blog - and his paintings.

geraldgee said...

Cant stop blushing :O)

Margaret Gosden said...

I have added him to my blog list - a grandpa Moses only younger and therefore lots more to come. You are always too modest about your art appreciation, and this one appears to be still alive and well and
'collectible' or affordable?