Sunday, September 27, 2009

Coming Into View.



"There's a strange old lady over there
Taking photographs of us!
She really looks suspicious
But I don't want to make a fuss!
She was pointing in this direction
When we first set-foot her way!
As though she were waiting for figures
To add to her array!
Maybe somebody has told her
That figures add a dimension!
Maybe there isn't any need
For my feeling of apprehension.
It could be that she has a blog
And likes shots in monochrome.
Sorry! I'm still uneasy!
Turn round and we'll head for home!"
An introspective bridge here:


Anonymous said...

Great! True to your style.

Rune Eide said...

That photo (nor the poem!) would not have been the same without those rwo persons.

Anne said...

Like it Brenda!! but old??? not :-)) you are not older than you feel inside.

hug from Anne in Norway

Anonymous said...

Oh this whole post is wonderful! It made me smile :)

Lucy Corrander said...

This picture is unusual in that the atmosphere when enlarged is completely different from when it is in the small version.

May I say how much I like the break-neck summary of your life in the side-bar.

Lucy Corrander

Gry said...

The words and pictures are perfect for each other! Lovely!

Miranda said...

I like this, nice poem. Its true, hard to capture a bridge like this with out anyone on it, dont you find?

geraldgee said...

great photo and post too....
and now for that damn word verication that I spend ages on looking for anagrams

Kilauea Poetry said...

This is a great shot..nifty bridge and wonderful words- they just flow, perfect-

Anonymous said...

Very artisticly portrayed, beautifully captured image.

Margaret Gosden said...

It works beautifully!

magiceye said...

superb perspective!