Friday, September 25, 2009

Identification Parade!

The Irish really get it in the neck! Luckily, they're so charming that it doesn't really matter!


Clancy and Paddy were farmers, and they had a pig apiece.
As well as a clutch of chickens, some ducks and a dozen geese.
But, each having one pig only, they decided to share a sty;
This cut-down on their overheads which were sometimes rather high.
All went well until one day Clancy said 'It's fine
But when I look at our two pigs I can't tell which is mine!'
Said Paddy 'Will it help at all if I cut off my pig's ears?'
And, straightaway. he did the deed with a pair of garden shears!
All went well till Paddy's pig, in a violent angry fit,
Chewed the ears off Clancy's pig! Yes! Every little bit!
Two ear-less pigs stood in the sty. The two men scratched their heads.
They mulled the whole thing over when they met in the milking sheds.
'We've got an awful problem and we don't know where to start!
Both our pigs have lost their ears! We can't tell them apart!'
Said Paddy 'This is tricky! But can we put things right
By saying mine's the black pig and yours is the one that's white?'

A very sad and serious 'pig' poem here:


Mari Meehan said...

I best not show this one to my very Irish husband! Lol!

Valerie said...

An unexpected last line... loved it. And it's not true about the Irish...

Kat said...

Your intro ....Luckily, they're so charming that it doesn't really matter! does really soften the blow to the neck..!!!