Sunday, September 27, 2009

Twin Souls


Friedrich Halm
wrote the immortal words written in blue.
I've just enlarged on them!


Two souls with but a single thought, two hearts that beat as one!
I just can't think of anything worse! There wouldn't be any fun!
Just imagine if your spouse thought just the same as you!
You'd just sit around in silence! There'd be nothing else to do!
What would be the point of speech if you knew in advance
Exactly what he was thinking! So much for pure romance!
No! Give me a relationship with differing points of view!
Give me lots of pleasant argument and a good row, maybe two!
I want to be stimulated, not buried in eiderdown!
Give me an 'opposite number' and I can go to town!
As for the 'heartbeat' business, who wants to act as one?
Hearts have different rhythms when all is said and done.
If my partner's out on a five-mile hike and I am sitting at ease
I don't want palpitations! How ridiculous! Please!
No! I'm not one for 'mushy stuff'; as far as I'm concerned
People who look for twin souls often get their fingers burned!
Give me Friendship any day! Leave Romance on the shelf!
I'd rather keep my Heart and Soul entirely to myself!

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quilly said...

I've had romance. I much prefer the wonderful friendship and abiding respect and love I share with my current mate. We enjoy moments of romance, but do not live the traumatic highs and lows of romantic angst.

Anonymous said...

Hearts have different rhythms, how true.And each souls has its shade of colors. So agree that at times the colors can merge and enjoy the vibrant togetherness, they are beautiful as it is separate!

Beautifully written Ma'm.

Gemma Wiseman said...

Certainly a feisty, fun response, but I enjoy the romance of souls ~ not the kind that just gets boiled down to moonlight and roses and candlelight! There is more!

Anne said...

"I'm not one for mushy stuff"! What a nice practical poem! A well guarded heart is very safe, but possibly lonely?

Jessie said...

it was nice to read your point of view. i too am more practical than romantic (although my writing disagrees w/me sometimes), but romance can be fun...

great post!


illyria taylor said...

Finally. Someone who speaks the truth. Well done

George S Batty said...

well said. enough of the mushy mushy,

Mary N. said...

I couldn't stop smiling as I read your poem:)