Thursday, September 17, 2009

Heated Argument


I don't much care what the boffins decide.
(Do they dissemble? Has somebody lied?)
Global Warming's rights and wrongs,
Can go back in the box where each belongs.
If Mankind's responsible, that's too bad.
If he's not then we're being 'had'.
Are we heading for a hotter stage?
Are we on the way to a new Ice Age?
It matters not, in the wider scheme;
'Do something about it!' that's the theme!
Think of a world where all can live
Powered by something 'alternative'!
Think how clean, think how pleasant!
Think how great for the poorest peasant!
A world without smog! Please bring it on!
How great when all that filth has gone!
And so, regardless of 'who' and 'why'
I think that all of us should try
To harness that great big ball of fire
That can give all the power that we desire.
It's hanging about up there, right now,
So let's all concentrate on the 'how'!
Another view of the same subject here:


Margaret Gosden said...

And don't forget the politicians who have delayed the HOW for too long now!

quilly said...

Amoeba, my other half, is part of a bio-fuels research team. They've made the New York Times and the bragging is up on my blog right now. How's that for doing our "green" share?

Alan Burnett said...

That "great big ball of fire" can be pretty dangerous if you get too close to it.

Le Butterfly said...

Very nicely said.

Darlene said...

If you have ever left a city and gone up in the mountains far away from the smog you will appreciate the damage we are inflicting on our environment.

We have almost forgotten what truly clean air and water looks like.

Hillori said...

That was great! Stopping by from made me think more of what I can do to do my part....

Anonymous said...

What a great poem! I thoroughly enjoyed it, and the sentiment it expresses.

BPOTW said...

Very nicely put! We all have a lot to think about. Thanks for sharing.

Sara Chapman in Seattle, USA said...

Even though Seattle's weather is much improved by being warmer this year, I agree that global warming is so serious, so let's move on to "How?". Happy Think Green Thursday.