Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Confession


Just last week an Italian went to a Priest for his Confession;
The Priest expected many sins and a very lengthy session.
But the man said without preamble 'Well, it's like this, see.....
When the Second World War was on I sheltered a refugee.'
'What a very noble action!' the Priest exclaimed with joy;
'You must have had a noble heart, even when a boy!'
'Yes' said the man 'I started off with every good intent
But then I gave-in to avarice and started charging rent!'
The Priest responded 'That's not good but I've heard worse sins before
And many men are tempted in the dreadful trials of war.
Go in peace and still rejoice! There was someone you befriended!'
'Right!' said the man 'But when do you think I should tell him the war has ended?'
Another unexpected response here:


Sunny said...

I don't comment on all your posts but I read every one of them and you never cease to make me smile. You truly are witty!

quilly said...

Hmmm, [shakes head] I take it the refugee was deaf, dumb and bind, as well?


Anonymous said...

LAUGH-OUT-LOUD! Brenda you are truly aces, you are :)