Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Way Too Milky!



We give it such a cosy little name,
As though sweetening it
Will make it less terrifying.
Then we give that very name
To a chocolate bar,
So that, by eating it, we can prevail!
The Milky Way.....
How about
Snow Path
Sprinkle Street?
Anything to cut it down
To our own dimension.
The reality of it
Is too overwhelming.
It makes us feel small,
When, of course, we're not!
Face it!
We are a dot
On a dot
Dependent on a dot
Among dots and dots and dots......
A star is a sun,
Not an earth-like planet.
We cannot see
What equates to us up there
Because it is too small,
Too unimportant.
Our sun is a nothing, too.
So small,
So insignificant.
Our sun!
That controls our lives!
Multiply our sun by
Two hundred billion
To gauge its importance!
And there are billions of galaxies!
But why bother looking at them!
They are probably no longer there!
Gobbled up by black holes
Eternities ago!
Then there's the little matter of the Universe....,
And all the other Universes
Outside the Universe!
And the neverendingness of it all!
To hell with it!
Give me a Milky Way!
The Universe.
Each dot is a Galaxy!
Forget it!
Trying to come to terms here:


anthonynorth said...

Enjoyed that. I can see a theory developing here - that the universe is made of chocolate.

i beati said...

funny and soul searching I must say haha

Calico Crazy said...

Interesting reading, I could definitely use a milky way. I'm kind of tickled by the idea of a universe made of chocolate...how long would it take to eat it???

Calico Contemplations

Karen said...

Ha! Great poem and now I must go eat chocolate!

Grace said...

I should NOT come here before I have lunch... I'm soooo hungry now...

Mine's up now... I have 2 posts today... if you can, read both.

Clara said...

Oooh, I like Anthony's theory. Chocolate! I love the way you explore how small we are compared to all that's 'out there'. But, I'll come back to the chocolate, too. You know you can see the Milky Way better at midnight when it's dark, so I'll take the Milky Way Midnight - bite size. Makes me feel bigger.