Thursday, September 3, 2009

Grey Beauty

                          Tucson Jim


inspired this picture and verse.
Click the link above to find the original.


Were this flower red we would gaze at its redness,
Viewing its colour with wonder and awe.
Were this flower gold we would gaze at its goldness
Describing as 'brilliant' the colour we saw.
But this flower is grey so we notice its pattern,
The curves of the petals, the stripes and the shade,
 The jewel at the centre, the sheen and the shimmer!
Colourless, what a design it has made!

Another monochrome inspiration here:


Unknown said...

Beautiful post -- love the link to the blog. Gorgeous photography and poem...

I hope to be like the old tree.

Patty said...

Nice poem and seeing the photo reminds me of something our Granddaughter asked one day. When did everything turn to color in the world. We asked what she meant and she said, well all the older photos and movies are black and white. So I guess you didn't have anything in color then. We explained there has always been colors in the world, it's just they didn't have film to capture the colors. I never thought that perhaps a child in this day and age might think the world was in black and white.

Dr.John said...

Another well written, well thought out poem.

Valerie said...

I thought for a minute it was a passion flower... loved the poem.

Sunny said...

Your poem really moved me. I would like to be a Grey Beauty, and I'm not talking about my hair!
Sunny :)