Sunday, September 27, 2009


Gerald Gee
As my visitors know, I much admire the art of Gerald Gee

However, I do not think the above ranks as one of his greatest works! Others may disagree!

It has inspired me, nevertheless!


I'd love to have a bosom that lit up in the dark!
Imagine! Rinkly strolling after midnight in the park!
I could turn my beams on straight ahead
The blackness would not lead to dread;
I'd stride out sure of foot instead
And never miss my mark!

No tripping over stones for me, or bumping into trees!
I could leap around the bushes quite unfettered at my ease.
My headlights would light up the scene,
My way ahead and where I'd been,
And all the spaces in between!
So give them to me! Please!

Something more romantic here:

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geraldgee said...

You should see it with the lights on.