Wednesday, September 23, 2009



Other star-signs are alive, but not The Scales,
Which is odd because, of all the signs there are,
Libra is most human and the one with the most charm;
Truly a very warm and friendly star.
Just as the scales are balanced so is Libra, with good taste
And a sense of harmony to make things blend.
And they lean towards diplomacy as well as being kind
So you couldn't have a better special friend.
They hate any sort of cruelty and conflict makes them flinch
So they're pacifists, avoiding any strife
And in marriage 'understanding' is the hallmark of their love,
So they're perfect as a husband or a wife.
Of course, they have their faults. Criticism can't be borne;
Promiscuity may ruffle feathers too.
Librans can be lazy, and seek praise a bit too much,
And dirty work is something they wont do.
They are also dreadful gossips, the females and the males
So never pour your secrets in one's ear!
But, by and large, a Libran is just very nice to know
And we hope they have a very happy year!
Shared birthday but not shared fate here:

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